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Let the Webernetic team introduce ourselves

We have been professionally promoting websites since 2011 - and this is a fact!


Do you think

this is a standard page

for selling SEO services?

We could show it… But we decided that
the team is more important than big words!

webernetic team


My name is Olga

I head the department
of digital marketing in Webernetic

From my experience, I'm convinced that most people do not understand the meaning of:

SEOSite optimizationAudit

Every day we explain to our customers the essence of the processes and the apparent benefits of website promotion in search engines.

And I'm here to tell you about this!

3 year of workin our team
5 years of experiencein seo promotion
Englishat level C1
200 projectsare under my direction

Website promotion processes


Scrupulous site review for its compliance with the requirements of search engines. We analyze the site manually and identify problems that prevent it from getting into the TOP.

Audit is necessary for:

  • Analysis of the current state of the site
  • Promotion strategy definitions
  • Approximate calculation of the promotion budget, depending on the amount of work

You'll get:

  • A detailed list of site problems to be resolved
  • Understanding the timing of work
  • Estimated budget
  • Project forecasts and prospects

Olga will review your site and give you free tips to help increase your revenue absolutely free and no-obligation.

Sergei. Webernetic Company

Head of Customer Service Department

Glad to meet you! Always ready to answer your questions and provide support!

The level of our professionalism speaks for itself. Effective promotion strategies that have repeatedly proven themselves in practice are at our disposal. They help our clients' sites to move confidently up to the first position of Google and Yandex search results.

Over time, we have compiled a kind of customer opinion TOP-5 about Internet marketing. Let me show it to you.

We guarantee that your project will not be ignored even for a second


misconceptions about SEO


Clients who contact us

sometimes think that

It takes a long time to achieve the result

Work on the site's promotion - it is just a change in the placement of texts and headlines

Most of the companies offering their services are deceivers and thieves

Even if the top companies that we turned to could not do this, then no one can

Money paid for the site promotion can be considered wasted. Moreover, it is not clear how the SEO specialist is spending the budget

webernetic Welcome
if we guessed right!

Our goal:

is to destroy


Nice to meet you, I'm Anna.

Webernetic SEO Specialist

I will tell you what the most frequent questions that I hear from clients are:

When will we see the result? What are you going to do? What information should we provide?

Let me tell you about the compilation of SEO audit, building a website promotion strategy and its implementation.

3 year of work in our team
4 years experience in seo promotion
English at level C1
French at level B2
Spanish at level B2
50 projects in my portfolio

Do you know what perspectives your project has? Our promotion strategy will make it clear once and for all

of your business promotion to the top of Yandex and Google


Analysis of the current
site situation

1 month

First stage


1 month

Second stage

your site

1 month

The third stage


1 month

Fourth stage


2 weeks


Analysis of the current site situation

What we do:

  • Getting access to the site
  • Connecting webmasters and analytics systems
  • Analysis of current positions
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Semantic core selection and structure compilation
  • All types of audit

What you do:

  • Providing access to the site, analytics, webmasters
  • Coordination of semantic core, structure and possible changes on the site

Deadline: 1 month

First stage

Internal optimization

What we do:

  • Coordination of the technical assignment for revision on the internal site optimization
  • Visual component elaboration by designer, coder and programmer
  • Preparing and tagging
  • Writing texts for part of the promoted pages

What you do:

  • Coordination of technical specifications for refinement
  • Providing information about USP, goods or services
  • Evaluation and coordination of texts for the site

Deadline: 1 month

Second phase


What we do:

  • Writing, monitoring, publishing content
  • Monitoring the implementation of improvements. Preparation of technical specifications for the adjustment.
  • The introduction of internal relink
  • Developing a link layout
  • Registering a site in industry directories, Yandex and Google directories

What you do:

  • Text coordination
  • Providing and confirming registration information

Deadline: 1 month

The third stage

External optimization

What we do:

  • Completion of work on the optimization of the context on the pages promoted
  • Media Content Publishing
  • Building up link juice
  • Preparation of additional content for relinking
  • Execution and completion of all improvements

What you do:

  • Coordination of media content
  • Checking the correctness of the tasks

Deadline: 1 month

Fourth stage

Results analysis

What we do:

  • Evaluation of results
  • Summarizing
  • Adjustment of promotion strategy

What you do:

  • Coordination of the updated promotion strategy

Deadline: 2 weeks


We can

help you in:

Promoted pages

Key Requests

Extension semantic core

SEO copywriting

Work with web analytics systems

Internal optimization

External optimization

B2B directories Subject Catalogs Exchange and article services (perpetual links)

Analysis and recommendations

technical SEO audit positional dynamics and visibility competitor analysis development advice

Promotion term

SEO tariff 1

Up to 20

Up to 100 characters

Up to 5000 characters

From 7 months

SEO tariff 2

Up to 40

Up to 200

Up to 10 000 characters

From 5 months



  • Competitor Analysis
  • Technical SEO audit
  • Content and functionality analysis of the site
  • Conversion scenario, user and site interaction
  • Determination of the target audience (TA)
  • Selection of keywords for typical landing and additional pages (tags, selections, filters)
  • Grouping and distribution of requests, segmentation according to TA

From 4 months

Technical SEO audit

Comprehensive survey of the site technical component , preparation of recommendations and revisions necessary for the effective site promotion

Why do we consider ourselves experts?

  • Our team has been in the game since 2005, although the brand was registered in 2011
  • With the stages of development, clients began to appreciate us precisely for the promotion of multi-regional site
  • In a narrow circle of web studios we are enviously called “SEO heavyweights”
  • There is no task that could not be done
    - is our motto
  • We teach our customers
  • Creators of the “Internal School of SEO Professionals”

And this is not only our opinion:


We delivered results for major local and national brands

What was done?

  • Auditing
  • Finalization of site visuals
  • Promotion of positions
  • Result: More than 80% of requests in the TOP

About company

Elema is one of the largest manufacturers of women's clothing in the Republic of Belarus.
The network of Elema stores presents a wide range of clothing for women: different types of coats, jackets, dresses, pants, blouses, skirts, tops. Every season we update collections, while the past seasons models cost will delight every buyer with pleasant discounts.
The Elema collections advantage is completely given to universality, convenience and practicality. Expressive silhouettes and bright colors harmoniously add elegance and superb style to the models. Modern women of fashion will be able to create vivid images with a diversity of variations, shapes, combinations, textures and color choices.

What was done?

  • Auditing
  • Site redesign
  • Creating Landings
  • Development of an effective advertising campaign
  • Seasonal Map Development

About company

Travel agency "Goryashchiye Tury" was founded in 2005. All this time, the company has the same address and friendly opens its doors to all who wish to relax well and efficiently at the seaside.
All of our visitors have consistently noted the high quality of service.
This agency is a member of the "Goryashchiye Tury" network, which has the most extensive database of "burning" tours and special tour offers to all countries of the world, with departing from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic States and other countries.
The agency works directly with more than 70 tour operators of the CIS and Europe and has direct partners in all countries for which they offer tours.

What was done?

  • Auditing
  • Finalization of site visuals
  • Promotion of positions
  • Result: More than 70% of requests in the TOP

About company

"Pervaya akkumulyatornaya kompaniya" (OOO "Belinvesttorg") 1AK-GROUP wholesale and retail distribution network.
The aim of the enterprises included in 1AK-GROUP is to increase the natural capital through the promotion of energy accumulation and storage technology.
"Pervaya akkumulyatornaya kompaniya" offers its customers convenience and comfort when buying rechargeable batteries, oils and accessories for a car. Shops of a company's trading network are located in all regions of the Republic of Belarus.

What was done?

  • Auditing
  • Finalization of site visuals
  • Promotion of positions
  • Result: More than 70% of requests in the TOP

About company

In 2004, Public Association of Italian Language Teachers "Dante" was established in Minsk, uniting Italian language and culture lovers and closely cooperating with the Dante Alighieri's Italian Language and Culture Society Central Committee.
Thanks to information support of the Italian Embassy, events in the field of Italian language and culture are held in Minsk: Italian language courses for children and adults, the Italian Cinema Club, gastronomic seminars "Sapori d'Italia", sommelier courses and much more.

What was done?

  • Auditing
  • Website design development
  • Refinement site functionality
  • Promotion of positions
  • Results: More than 70% of requests in the TOP

About company

Since 1996, with the advent of the first copies of peripheral equipment on markets of the Republic of Belarus, the "SPRINKS" was one of the first company's which began selling and servicing equipment.
Due to the accumulated experience and professionalism, our company still occupies a dominant position on the republic markets among other companies.
The main clients of our company are institutions of all service industries, banks, industrial and agricultural enterprises, individuals.

What was done?

  • Auditing
  • Development of new website design and landing
  • Promotion of positions
  • Result: More than 70% of requests in the TOP

About company

"Stekol'nyy dom" presents a wide range of glass products: dining, coffee, computer tables, shelves, cabinets, stands for acoustics and equipment, mirrors of various shapes, and much more.

What was done?

  • Auditing
  • Finalization of site visuals
  • Promotion of positions
  • Result: More than 80% of requests in the TOP

About company

OOO "Tamazan Grupp" supplies gear boxes for MAZ-4370 "Zubronok". Our experts will help you choose the gearbox, in accordance with the parameters and technical characteristics of the vehicle.
The entire range of products is not limited to this. Experienced consultants will select the necessary parts - everything from the retaining rings to the gearbox housing.
OOO "Tamazan Grupp" works in several different directions, supplying not only SAAZ products, but also the necessary parts and components of Bosch and MMP (Minsk Motor Plant) intended for D245 / 260 series engines ranging from Euro 0 to Euro 4.

What was done?

  • Auditing
  • Finalization of site visuals
  • Promotion of positions
  • Result: More than 70% of requests in the TOP

About company

OOO "ML Smart Grup" was founded in April 2015. In 2004-2015 company represented the furniture business as part of the OOO "Monlibon".
It is the official representative (distributor) of Egger and companies that manufacture furniture materials, components and accessories laminated chipboard, facade MDF, functional and facial fittings (furniture handles), accessories for kitchens, wardrobes and much more.

What was done?

  • Auditing
  • Finalization of site visuals
  • Promotion of positions
  • Result: More than 70% of requests in the TOP

About company

Army Shop Armygoods is a specialized online store for military personnel, as well as for active lifestyle lovers, hunters, fishermen and just ordinary people who prefer the military style.
In the assortment of the store: stars, badges, shoulder straps, stripes, berets, vests, military shoes, sweaters, caps-masks, cloaks, thermal underwear, military equipment, flasks, bowlers, leather haberdashery and synthetics and much more.
All the offered models of clothing, shoes, equipment and accessories comply with GOST standards of the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Emergency Situations.

What was done?

  • Auditing
  • Finalization of site visuals
  • Promotion on Yandex
  • Result: More than 90% of requests in Yandex TOP

About company

The main activity of the company OOO "Lyukoff" is the production and wholesale and retail trade hidden hatches. Provides services for the supply of organizations and individuals
At this company you can order various types of hatches for any purpose for construction and repair. A huge range of hatches of own production, professional advice, all this allows you to make the repair of any complexity more convenient and easy.

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Certification of Agency in Roystat

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