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Let us introduce ourselves.
We are a team of professionals promoting websites since 2011.
Webernetic is a team of passionate SEOs, developers with a keen sense of humor, deadline dedicated project managers, creative SMM specialists and PPC managers with analytical mindsets.
Rest assured that we will do our best to make your business grow!

Paul CEO

Open-minded and sharp as a tack.
He knows everything about layouts and SEO, and his favorite book is an HTML textbook. Pavel is a graduate of the executive MBA program. He loves his job and achieving the intended results. Will figure out a strategy for any project goals.

Chinchilla Bulochka CFO

Takes everyone’s breath away with its fluffy look and comforts on a stressed day. She is a born leader with a wild temper and loves to take sand baths. We believe it’s our good luck talisman.

Olga Head of the Digital Marketing Department

Olga has a great experience in SEO and audit. Every day she runs the process of website promotion and optimization of our client’s sites, explains the essence and the apparent benefits of website promotion in search engines.
And she is always ready to talk about your business and help you find critical errors on your site that hinder its progress

Helen Account Manager

She is a valuable link between the team and clients. Always ready to answer your questions and provide support!

Ann SEO Specialist

Under her professional supervision, ranking positions are continually growing. Anna is always up to new trends and algorithms in SEO, keeps learning and analyzing.

Ksenia Project Manager

Her endurance and dedication will never allow any project to fail. She will accompany you on every step of the process and answer all your questions

Denis Web Developer

Very reliable and attentive to details. Self disciplined and always meets deadlines.

Veronica SEO Specialist

Veronica is a young member of the Webernetic family. She has no less professionalism than anyone else: she can promote a site in the TOP-10 of Google and Yandex. Veronica will make everyone smile and laugh, even if the digital marketing department has a busy working day.

Polina SEO Specialist

Will use her knowledge to get high rankings on Google and Yandeх. Polina does in-depth research and analyzes the trends online to develop and implement strategies that improve your website's search results.

Continually researching, learning, and analyzing new information will increase the level of traffic to your website by using keywords and relevant topics to improve the user experience and correspond to search engine guidelines.

Darya SEO Specialist

She is not only high-class SEO but also a SCRUM expert. Knows how to get all departments together for a discussion.
We call her the master in the SEO department and samurai! Dasha has been doing AIKIDO for more than 4 yeas, and maybe that’s why she knows how to bring peace, harmony, and spiritual energy in the right direction. When colleagues lack extreme Dasha will manage quadricycles, paintballs, etc.

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