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Let us introduce ourselves.
We are a team of professionals promoting websites since 2011.
Webernetic is a team of passionate SEOs, developers with a keen sense of humor, deadline dedicated project managers, creative SMM specialists and PPC managers with analytical mindsets.
Rest assured that we will do our best to make your business grow!

Paul CEO

Bright, open and multi-tasking company head! Knows exactly that sending isn't just in email, but also in code. No wonder, his favorite book is a textbook on HTML. He is a graduate of the Executive MBA program. Thanks to his interest in boxing, he confidently steps into the ring of business challenges, ready to overcome any obstacles. We can't imagine a company without Pavel, as HTML without CSS.

Olga Head of the Digital Marketing Department

Olga has a great experience in SEO and audit. Every day she runs the process of website promotion and optimization of our client’s sites, explains the essence and the apparent benefits of website promotion in search engines.
And she is always ready to talk about your business and help you find critical errors on your site that hinder its progress

Helen Team Lead of the Account Management Department

Lena is a dancer in conversation with people, easily answering questions about seo-promotion. She isn't afraid of stress, because she recharges her energy dancing and doing sports. She can say "Hello" in Korean without looking at the Google Translator because she was living in South Korea for 1.5 years. And now she's part of Webernetic, as a valuable liaison between the team and clients.

Ksenia Head of Development

Ksenia manages the department with such proficiency that even the code becomes manageable. She knows how to release a project on time and without a hitch. And Ksenia also enjoys serials. So she knows how to prioritize and achieve success, whether it's programming or solving the mysteries of the next series. If you have a question about the project or about what to watch tonight, Ksyusha is standing by and ready to answer!

Veronica Teamlead SEO Department

Beware! Veronica has magical SEO skills and knows how to crush the competition with one look. Don't think she's just a keyword manipulator. She knows how to find what you're looking for even if you don't know what you're looking for! When Veronica led the team, she transformed her colleagues into true SEO ninjas. Together, they crush mountains and deftly gain top positions for their clients.

Kirill SEO Team Lead

Kirill is our main search engine "hacker" and the red spirit of SEO. He knows how to promote your site to the first page of search results, even if it is trying to escape. Don't let him speak the language of SEO; he likes to go into great detail and bog down with acronyms. But don't worry, his sense of humor is so witty that even Google is laughing at the jokes.

Valeria Sales Manager

Valeria is our secret weapon in the world of sales! She is able to close customers' pains faster than they can say the word discount. If you have a problem, Valeria already knows how to solve it. But be careful, her smile is contagious and you may become one of the company's regular customers without the possibility of recovery!

Anastasia SMM Specialist

Don't get too close, because behind that shining face hides a ruthless SMM genius. Anastasia fights for the likes and views of her clients like superheroes fight to save the world. She sees the potential in every meme and knows how to make users like it with their eyes closed. Can turn the strangest client requests into explosive blog visualizations. She's always one step ahead, with a ready-made promotion strategy and a supply of creative posts at the same time.

Do you think that's all? We're more than just department heads. Behind every manager there is an army of professionals ready to implement your ideas. Let's introduce ourselves: a team ready to solve any problem with a smile on our faces and a portion of good mood. We are like a big and friendly family, only with even bigger coffee mugs. Webernetic-Family is always welcome to meet new people. Want to know more about us and our team? Let's get to know each other better!

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