An irreplaceable person

We want to introduce you to every irreplaceable person in Webernetic. So, let’s start with the head of our company: bright, open, and multitasking.

A few facts about Pavel, the director of the company:

  • karateka with 15 years of experience
  • Executive MBA graduate
  • the person to whom business owners turning for advice

How did you get involved with the web?

– Even in my student years, I began to help a friend in promoting a web resource. And during that time, I learned to create websites and promotions. I created my first website when I worked at the Yula Club. Now it is no longer there. The website I made on my knees attracted at least 50% of the club’s visitors.

Are there rules in your life that you follow?

– Pursue the interests of both parties in the relationship. Make a dialogue with people mature and open.

What do you love the most about your job?

– The result of changes in the company. For example, the fact that our Instagram page became alive. In 2017, we set a goal — to make the company systemic. We have built a platform: recruitment, adaptation, and training. We debugged internal processes, raised the backbone of the company: our pride is the leaders. In 2019, we had it all.

– I get pleasure from the fact that we have begun to implement English-speaking projects, we are growing our expertise to the west. The company is moving.

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