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Client "VinAvtoBel"

Business profile "VinAvtoBel" is an honorary participant of the largest European car auctions. They have been successfully operating in the automotive market of the Republic of Belarus for 8 years.

What was done? Programming

What was done? Programming

Business profile "VinAvtoBel" is an honorary participant of the largest European car auctions. They have been successfully operating in the automotive market of the Republic of Belarus for 8 years.

Project history The story turned out to be not a classic one: the company ordered not just a website, but an online car auction. At the meeting, we vividly discussed the problem and found out that the topic of auto auctions is already popular in Europe and America. And the main idea of the client is to implement something similar in our realities.

A similar project has already been made in Belarus, but not in the European scheme. So we had a task: to create the first Belarusian online auction of the European type. We re-read the proposal in the task at hand, came to our senses a little, and started work.

The work was in full swing. The team plunged deeply into the topic: we sorted out what a car auction is, and almost made a few bids! We got inspired and flew to create a unique product for the Belarusian market.

Design To implement the specifics of the auction, we rendered unique pages: "Buyers", "Sellers", submenu.

Since the auction is a serious matter: we created a 3-step authorization.

The designer took a stylus in his hands and painted the auction page itself in detail: tabs for car characteristics; timer, etc.

SEO In a quality project, coding goes hand in hand with SEO. This is our case.

The SEO specialists analyzed European competitors and suggested a website structure that customers and search engines will love. We prepared an SEO recommendation and put it into development.

Programming We have started to work on the project. For development, we chose Laravel - one of the leaders among PHP frameworks. Why? The flexible material is needed to create a unique product.

The next important question that we discussed was: how will the administrative panel look like? To make it convenient for the client to manage the auction system, we have found a cool solution. We developed a menu like WordPress - the most convenient menu among the CMS.

In the functionality of the administrative control panel, we have provided easy addition and changing the characteristics of cars. We have implemented many useful features: from a customs calculator to checking vehicle numbers by VIN-code, for which was developed a unique API.

The main functionality - the development and configuration of the betting system, took almost all the time spent on the website. We have implemented the principle of the auction, displayed the history of bids.

For cars from Europe was created a block taking into account customs duties, auction, recycling fees, etc. For convenience, we added a one-click purchase for auction cars.

We worked hard: the total project development time was 400 hours.

Testing The programmers took their hands off the keyboard, and they heard a satisfied "Done!" This is where the testing phase began. We began to try our auction system for a tooth: to look for bugs or, as programmers like to call them "features". During the first testing, we saw that the rates work, but in a complex pattern. We decided to create a more convenient logic for working with rates. Another dozen hours to code - and voila! Our online auction works as it should.

What's next? We continue to work with the client, and especially our SEO department. The client has a working machine, and we have a working unique functionality of an Internet auto auction based on European motives.