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Company overview: Music video portal and community for those who love and create music. (The UK).

Project goals:

traffic growth, increasing the number of users, listeners, viewers, performers, and producers. Our goal was to promote the site for different types of user interests: Viewers to view video clips, listen to audio songs of various well-known and not very well-known artists; artists to create their channels and upload their music and videos on the portal that they have made themselves known; producers — those who are looking for the very “young blood” that need sponsors.

Process: our SEO specialists completed the following work:

a full niche analysis defined the competitors and analyzed the usability and trends of their site;

prepared layouts and prototypes for each page;

selected semantic core: in the search for queries, we also used low-frequency keywords that could cover each type of site visitors;

completed a technical analysis of the site for errors that affect the promotion of the site; 

prepared tags for all pages of the website;

prepared SEO optimized texts (a native speaker copywriter was involved);

in the query search, we used compositions of performers to evaluate what low-frequency query traffic we can cover.

While analyzing the list of selected competitors, we found out that there were low frequency queries for narrow thematic resources on genres (for example, «pop music videos», «hip hop music videos» etc.) and performers (for example, «alesso songs»).

However, there are large giant sites such as and we would have to compete with.

We have chosen to promote the following strategy. We could not influence such parameters as the age of the site (the domain was new). But we could systematically increase the number of pages of the site and improve the page rank with extra links (purchase of inks, crowd marketing, links from blogs, etc.).

Based on the audit of competitors we completed the following tasks:

  1. Developed the structure of the site according to users’ requests;
  2. Increased the number of pages of the site to a competitive level by filling the site with information and constantly adding new artists and clips;
  3. Improved the usability of the site (increased organic search, created playlists, made the 404 page more attractive and informative for users.
  4. Worked with social media networks;
  5. As competitors contained thousands of external links we increased the reference environment of the site;
  6. Wrote unique valuable content for the site.

We prepared a detailed task for copywriters, considering the most important factors — texts and visual content that competitors used. For this work we hired native-speaking copywriters. As the UK was a region for promotion it meant that texts were supposed to be written in British style, different from American.

What else have we done?

Since the goal was to promote the site around Europe we have also developed a strategy for promotion to several regions.

We analyzed the demand and its dynamics using Google Trends, and we identified popular music trends among users.

We suggested focusing on the UK because in other regions of Europe users were searching for songs mainly in their native language and the client was not ready to make music versions in different languages.

Results: using effective SEO optimization methods and promotion strategy, we were able to boost constant traffic to the site of different types of visitors.


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