Real estate agency audit

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For the project of the Agency for the sale and purchase of the real estate in Minsk and Minsk region, we have prepared a complete promotion strategy. We started with a large audit, prepared all layouts for both desktop and mobile devices.


  1. separate information as much as possible for the seller of real estate and for the buyer;
  2. drive traffic to the website;
  3. take high positions in the TOP-10.

Promotion region: Minsk and areas around the capital

Completed project tasks:

  • We checked the setting of goals on the website, added technical specifications for the implementation of the missing ones;
  • Collected the widest possible semantic core of the website, containing all important categories and subcategories;
  • We prepared a structure based on the collected list of key phrases, where we thought over all the options for categories.

So, for apartments, for example, the structure turned out to be quite huge:

  1. Thoroughly analyzed the niche and competitors, prepared many recommendations on usability and content, later, based on the audit of websites in Belarus and other countries (by visuals, we were not tied to a specific country, we examined the functionality of sites from all over the world) prepared detailed layouts for each page;
  2. We checked the technical condition of the resource, prepared tasks for the programmers for improvements, set priorities for SEO;
  3. We worked out the functionality of the pages on desktops and mobile phones, thought out the menu and filters;
  4. We analyzed the link environment of the main competing websites in comparison with our resource, developed an effective strategy for building external links for six months in advance;
  5. Prepared a content plan and began to prepare optimized, and at the same time the most useful texts;
  6. Registered templates for alt and title attributes for images in different categories of the website;
  7. Prepared tags for all pages.

The most important difficulty was to separate information for such queries as “buy an apartment” and “sell an apartment”, because for a search engine — this query leads to the same pages:

We were constantly on the same wavelength with the client, answered his questions, provided consultations and assistance not only by managers but also directly by the SEO specialists.

We consider it important, since the information from the first person, no matter how competently it is presented by the intermediate link, is still perceived by each specialist from his point of view.

How to sum up?

The position grew in just a couple of months: average from 77 to 38 in Yandex as a result of creating missing pages for the structure, adding tags and texts:

We gave the client all our developments, gave the texts. The implementation question remained open. However, all our developments and expertise stayed:

  • they are as comprehensive as possible;
  • they fully thought out the complex separation of information for two roles: «seller» and «buyer»;
  • we are ready for new projects in this niche, as we have a complete understanding of the services and how it is visually convenient to present on absolutely all devices.

Is this type of promotion suits you?

Yes, if you are:

  • realtor;
  • developer;
  • real estate agency;
  • an intermediary specializing in renting in any of its forms;
  • an agency engaged in the purchase/sale/exchange of built housing, providing any near-topic services (legal support, cost estimation, property appraisal, insurance, etc.).

Features of website promotion in the field of real estate:

  1. The importance of visualization (photos, 3D models of future apartments, 3D tours of existing apartments);
  2. The importance of the transparency of the scheme and contracts, because of the large amount of money — a FAQ is required;
  3. The importance of developing a very user-friendly adaptive version, as the number of users on mobile devices is growing. Also, in this topic, it is relevant to purchase the development of a mobile application;
  4. The complexity of presenting information on the website and filling out content for different types of clients: real estate sellers and buyers;
  5. The presence of detailed case reviews on the website with a full description of the transactions, adding a video.

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