Forming the target audience’s first touch with the campaign

Renovista is the REHAU distributor in Spain. Specializes in providing quality solutions in the field of sanitary equipment, piping systems, and sound insulation, for the removal of domestic residual water and underfloor heating

The feature of this company is that they are dealing with the B2B sector. Thus, the target audience is as follows:

  • 1. Private businesses
  • 2. Firms
  • 3. Architects
  • 4. Installer Institutes

Before the start of work

The client came to us intending to increase brand awareness.

There were 2 significant drawbacks of the company for promotion in social media:

1. The too complicated topic for Instagram and Facebook

It is unlikely that users will search for this product on social media. Everyone searches through search engines. Usually, people spend their time on social networks to have fun and relax, they do not think about finding pipe suppliers there

2. The company deals with the B2B sector

This segment is hard to promote on social media because of finding the target audience

To achieve our goal we broke it down into 3 main tasks:

  1. Create a visual of accounts
  2. Fill the account with content (at the time the client came to us, the accounts were empty)
  3. Launch ads to attract the audience

Visual of accounts

The following was done to create the Instagram|FB feed

  1. Profile pictures were changed on Instagram and Facebook
  2. Created images for the Highlights
  3. Selected main fonts and design elements
  4. At the client’s request layouts for the Facebook|Instagram feed were created according to his references
  5. Created a visual for stories

Post design

The client had his vision of the profile feed, that is why we created image templates for posts according to the client’s references
When creating layouts were taken into account client’s wishes: a light profile, as well as the presence in the layouts of the company's corporate colors (white, black and yellow)

Images for highlights

Images were created based on existing photos from the catalogue, developed feed and also profile header
The information in the highlights was divided by the types of goods sold. Also, the advantages of the company and its products over analogues were listed in stories. It is necessary for new followers to get acquainted with the company

Stories design

When creating the visual design of the stories, the color solutions of the created post layouts were applied, and existing products were used as design elements

Filling account with content

To achieve our goal the following was done:

  1. Profile header and title on Instagram were rewritten into Spanish
  2. #hashtags were selected by topic
  3. A content plan was created
  4. Informational and selling posts for the Spanish-speaking audience were written
  5. Weekly posting
  6. Daily posting stories

Profile header

When creating a profile header description the following was taken into account:

  1. To make the audience better acquainted with the assortment of the company we've listed the fields of activity of the company in the profile header. Therefore, it became clear what this business is doing.
  2. The company provided a 15% discount for its customers, that is why we've listed it as one of the main benefits of working with them.

Content of the posts

We had the task to acquaint the audience with the available products and present the advantages of cooperation with the company. Thus, we adhered to two different content styles:

As a result

We have completed most of the work to achieve the main goal of the client, namely:

  1. The complete account filling and creating evocative style
  2. Filling the account with content (at the time the client came to us, the accounts were empty)

To sum up, Instagram and Facebook accounts were ready for the final stage to achieve the set goal, however, due to the current situation in the world in 2022 the project was put on hold. Therefore, at the moment there is no way to evaluate its effectiveness.

Image templates for posts were created

15 posts were written

Design elements were created

Facebook and Instagram profiles were completed