Development of corporate identity

Corporate identity is a holistic concept of various elements used to identify a company.


Brightness, recognition, and uniqueness are 3 components of successful brand development. Our team will develop a corporate identity for any company, work out its individual elements, and create a single document describing all the components of the brand.

Components of identity

Creation of corporate identity - work on individual elements that are linked by a single concept. They constitute the company's image and create a tight association in the buyer's mind with the organization.


The name of a company, product, or domain should not only be unique, but also associative, easily perceived, and, if necessary, correctly translated into another language.


Purpose - visual presentation at the first acquaintance with the company. Further recognition of the target audience depends on it.

Brand book

Or simply a book about a brand. The brand book contains a description of the brand philosophy and rules for the use of visual elements. Helps adhere to the identity of the company's employees and contractors.

What we do

Stages of corporate identity development:
Customer briefing
  • Setting goals, objectives, and wishes for the final result from the client. We will listen, help, get inspired, and start to generate a unique concept.
Development of colors, fonts
  • We select colors and fonts taking into account the associativity with the company and their compatibility. In the future, they will be used to build the design of the website and other carriers of corporate identity: business cards, advertising, and souvenir products.
Logo design, naming, media design
  • The logo and name are the main elements of the brand. Business cards, letterheads, advertising material - through them you will communicate with the consumer, we will not leave them unattended either.
Combining the concept into a guideline or brand book
  • We collect all the rules for using visual identity in the guideline or develop a more complete document describing the company's philosophy - a brand book.

Our cases

Balloon design studio

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Our team had a task: to redesign the website of the balloon studio.

The site should convey a festive mood, be comfortable for use and the user.

Сase study

The confectionery company Velmi Smachna is a part of the Karavan holding.

Check the case All projects

A task. Anywhere on the site in 5 seconds - the principle that guided us while working on this project.

It was decided to sketch sweet things on the main page, the price list and contacts were placed in a header so that you could make an order as simply and quickly as possible.


categories on the site


products on the site

Car online auction

VinAvtoBel is an honorary participant of the largest European car auctions.

Check the case All projects

A task. The story turned out to be not a classic one: the company ordered not just a website, but an online car auction.

The work was in full swing. The team plunged deeply into the topic: we sorted out what a car auction is, and almost made a few bids! We got inspired and flew to create a unique product for the Belarusian market.


of keywords in TOP 3


of keywords in TOP 10


Transfer of ownership and use rights

We take care of the legal aspects of the transfer of unique rights.

Unique corporate identity

Our designers will create an identity that meets the trends of the time. Despite the saturated competitive environment, the brand will clearly declare itself on the market.

Compliance with the deadlines

Time costs money. Our team is aware of this and adheres to project deadlines.


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#4 digital marketing agency in Russia

#1 SEO company in Belarus

Top 3 developer of online stores in Belarus

Top 10 web studio in Belarus


Volchonok A.A.

I would like to especially note the approach of specialists to communicate with a client. They always adjust to our business processes, show their initiative. They "hear" and correctly interpret each task, give prompt answers, help, and advice on all issues.

Kolesnik E.S.

Thanks to competent recommendations and professionalism of the specialists of this company, excellent quality indicators were achieved.

Hudoj A.A.

Thanks to the competent and efficient work of the SEO promotion departments, a new website was created, and our company quickly took excellent positions in search engines.

Puchok V.V.

JSC "BELPROMIMPEX" expresses its sincere gratitude to the company "Webernetic" for the analysis of the current state of the site and the development of a strategy for the development of this site in the areas of activity.

Zhukov D.U.

On behalf of the management, I express my sincere words of gratitude to the specialists of Webernetic LLC for the promotion and optimization of our website.

Boltushkin V.N.

We express our gratitude to the Webernetic company for professional and high-quality work of promoting websites.

Fareitorov E.

We would like to express our deep gratitude to the Webernetic team for an individual and structured approach to clients, as well as high performance.

Turovets E.V.

IGVITTA PRO LLC expresses its gratitude to the Webernetic LLC for the creation of a new version of the website and its further promotion for 5 years already.

Kuhtin A.V.

The company "Komus Contact" (LLC Komus-P2) by this letter expresses its gratitude to the company LLC "Webernetic" for the professional approach to cooperation and the provision of quality services (creation of a new version of the website and its further promotion).

Kravtsov A.O.

LLC "Stekolsky" expresses its sincere gratitude to the company "Webernetic" for the useful cooperation for the past 6 years.

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We would like to thank the Webernetic specialists for their professionalism, optimization of the structure of our website, competent consultations on content, the initiative in solving tasks, and also a prompt response to requests.

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