Webernetic Family on the Clutch!

Dear friends 🙂 Webernetic Family has become one of the best B2B companies in Belarus and Russia according to the Clutch rating! We are also №1 in the “SEO” category in these countries 🥇 :

Why is it important? Clutch is a research organization that analyzes the level of IT, digital companies, and compiles their rating. Here businesses find partners with whom they will help each other grow and develop.

Notably, this is a truly transparent, reliable, and honest platform. The ranking here is based not only on how well the profile is completed but also on the most detailed feedback on working with the company, the process of obtaining which is not easy. Feedback necessarily includes a description of the project and how the goals were achieved. Then the client is interviewed and it is found out whether he used the services of the company: he either gets a call or a letter with a request to send screenshots and project documents, asked open-ended questions that cannot be answered only with “yes” or “no”.

Therefore, by going to our Clutch profile, you will see the objective opinions of satisfied business leaders and employees who you can trust We sincerely thank our partners who have evaluated their cooperation with us. Such feedback helps to understand what good aspects of the work we can develop, and what else is worth improving.

P.S. We will be glad if you leave your feedback about working with us on Clutch 🙂

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