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Contextual advertising on Yandex Direct attracts users who are looking for your product or service on Yandex or on its partner sites. According to statistics last year, this search engine owns half of the visits to Russian sites. Some of them are potential clients.

You can attract a «hot» and «cold» audience using different types, combinations of advertising:

  • text ads in the Yandex search;
  • display ads on Yandex advertising network sites;
  • retargeting — a way to return customers who visited the site but did not buy anything;
  • or offer a new product to those who have already ordered.


Order contextual advertising on Yandex Direct if

Your business has a goal to target clients in Minsk or outside of it: Russian cities and former CIS countries.

You are dealing with contextual advertising for the first time and do not know the target audience: you need to test as many partner websites as possible.

You are interested in users looking for products in your city, regardless of where they are located. We implement this through "Extended Geographic Targeting".

You use Google AdWords and want to increase your coverage.

The price of the contextual advertising service Yandex Direct includes:
1 stage
  • Definition of the promotion plan, cost of setting up and conducting an advertising campaign on Yandex Direct.
2 stage
  • Keyword and negative-phrase selection
3 stage
  • Ads creation for each request or group of requests.
4 stage
  • Indicating the region and strategies to show the advertising campaign.
5 stage
  • Setting up the analytics system along with the campaign.
6 stage
  • We regularly analyze ads performance, remove non-earmarked requests, make adjustments to the rates, and test strategies for the most effective return of investment.
7 stage
  • Tracking the result, making changes to the campaigns.

Our cases


A team of specialists who are approached with difficult dental cases

Check the case All projects

Task. Develop a new website for dentistry. The purpose of the site is to attract new customers and maintain loyalty to existing ones.

Structure, design and beautiful teeth! Close communication with the customer has resulted in a cool product.

Greenhouse Manufacturer

Modern production with an area of more than 3000 m2

Check the case All projects

A task. To develop an online store selling greenhouses for retail clients. Build brand awareness.


of keywords in TOP 3


of keywords in TOP 10


Coincidence of interests

The starting point of our work is the goals of your project.

Setup and management

We professionally set and manage indicators

Measurable result

We give a detailed report on the results obtained


We participate in the Google Partners program

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#1 SEO company in Eastern Europe

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