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As Google grows in influence, Yandex SEO optimization remains pivotal in Russia’s online landscape, owing to its language mastery and essential services. Understanding Yandex algorithms is crucial for optimizing search outcomes.

Webernetic Family, a market-oriented team, boasts vast SEO expertise spanning Yandex, Google, and Bing.

As a top 50 Russian SEO firm with 12 years of experience, we've excelled in 16 niches across 14 countries. From e-commerce to crypto projects and manufacturing websites, we've consistently delivered top-tier results.

How your business can benefit from our SEO services:

βœ“ Establish a strong online presence in Russia
Webernetic team has 12 years of experience in business promotion in local and international markets. All this time we have been promoting websites to the top.

βœ“ Target audience focus
Our strategies reach the most relevant potential customers, boosting your business's profitability.

βœ“ Expert guidance
Our experts are the best Yandex SEO consultants in Eastern Europe. We always offer recommendations on how to improve the performance of your website.

βœ“ International SEO strategy
Expand your business globally with our expertise in Yandex and Google international SEO.

βœ“ Transparent pricing
We provide a clear breakdown of our service costs and how they are determined.

βœ“ Local SEO optimization
For businesses specific to regions in Russia, we offer Yandex local SEO to ensure high local search visibility.

How we drive ROI growth through SEO:

Strategy & Audit
  • We conduct a thorough audit of your business, target audience, niche, and competitors. Additionally, we pay close attention to on-page SEO, usability, backlink profiles, and traffic data.
Keyword research
  • Our in-depth research analyzes demand and query popularity, allowing us to select the best target keywords that will drive maximum traffic for your business. We use the best Yandex SEO tool in the market for quality results.
Quality backlinks
  • Our Link Building Strategy is developed over several months, emphasizing its contribution to your SEO success.
Compelling content
  • We create unique, user-friendly content starting with a meticulous Content Plan. Search engines prioritize websites with valuable, unique, and comprehensive content.
Translation Localization
  • We avoid automatic translation tools and instead focus on helping you refine your content to sound both succinct and authentic.
Effective campaigns
  • We provide a clear timeline for when clients can expect to see initial results from our work, typically within 2-4 months, depending on the website's industry.
Regular Reports Analytics
  • Our clients receive regular reports and analytics to maintain transparency and keep them informed about their search engine optimization progress.

Our clients’ success stories

Our cases

Online store of medical products

The client is a dealer of medical products and goods for people with diabetes mellitus

Check the case All projects

A task. Raise positions and increase traffic from Google.

The website was promoted in February 2019. Previously promoted by a freelancer, the client was not satisfied with the results of his work, because the freelancer independently chose priorities without listening to the client.


of keywords in TOP 3


of keywords in TOP 10


A team of specialists who are approached with difficult dental cases

Check the case All projects

Task. Develop a new website for dentistry. The purpose of the site is to attract new customers and maintain loyalty to existing ones.

Structure, design and beautiful teeth! Close communication with the customer has resulted in a cool product.

Enhance your Yandex SEO efforts with our expert advice. Contact us now for outstanding results!

Distinguishing SEO in Google and Yandex:

Both search engines are vital, but Yandex offers unique advantages:

Time factor
Yandex's crawling and indexing frequency differ from Google, requiring patience in Yandex SEO campaigns.

User behavior emphasis
Yandex places high value on user engagement, making it crucial to capture and maintain user attention for better rankings.

Content and technical considerations
Yandex prefers fresh, unique, and informative content. Paying attention to detail and avoiding content manipulation and technical errors is paramount.

With Webernetic Family, you'll have a dedicated team of Yandex SEO experts by your side, ensuring your success in the Russian market.

Contact us today to elevate your online presence in Yandex and reach your target audience effectively.

Why choose us?

βœ“ Yandex experts
Our team consists of seasoned Yandex SEO professionals deeply familiar with the Russian market.

βœ“English-speaking managers
Effective communication is key, and our English-speaking managers ensure you're always in the loop.

βœ“Years of experience
With years of experience in Russian SEO, we've fine-tuned our strategies for success.

βœ“Successful cases in Yandex optimization
Our track record speaks for itself; we've delivered results for clients in various idustries.

βœ“Your goals are our top priority
Your success is our mission, and we customize our efforts to achieve your specific goals.

βœ“Customized strategies and personalized solutions
We refrain from offering generic solutions, instead, we tailor each strategy to precisely match your distinctive business requirements.

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