SEO audit is an expert analysis of your website for compliance with search engine requirements. Without it, it’s impossible to get to high positions in the ranking.

SEO-specialists check the technical «purity», content quality, reference environment. Based on this, we offer a promotion strategy to get your site to higher positions in search engines as fast as possible

Youโ€™ll benefit from SEO audit if:

Want your clients to find your site faster than competitorsโ€™, even without advertising.

Have been promoting your web resource during an extended period of time with no result. SEO audit will define what is going wrong.

Have found that your website or landing pages have been blocked by search engines. Its not visible to your potential clients and needs to be urgently corrected.

The price of the SEO audit includes:
Technical audit
  • We check the status of more than 100 technical factors to move a site to higher positions. We highlight in the checklist for correction all issues that donโ€™t meet the requirements of Google and Yandex.
Content Analysis
  • We look through the texts, images on the web resource pages so that they do not confuse users and search engines. Texts are checked for volume, spam, consistency, completeness, appropriateness, etc. Images - on the correct names, attributes. Determine where to add content to improve positions. We check the presence and quality of meta tags, HTML map.
Study the reference environment
  • We explore the linking profile of competitors and find growth points for the project.

Our cases

Real estate agency

Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agency

Check the case All projects

A task. Divide information as much as possible for a real estate seller and a buyer, attract traffic to the website, take high positions in the TOP-10

The most important difficulty was to separate information for such queries as "buy an apartment" and "sell an apartment", because for the search engine - this query leads to the same pages.

Elite kitchens

From German manufacturers

Check the case All projects

A task. Conduct an audit of competitors, develop a modern website, propose a SEO-promotion strategy for the year, and bring it to the top in Yandex and Google.

In 2019, the site entered the TOP 10 best sites in the category "Furniture and Interior"


of keywords in TOP 3


32% of keywords in TOP 10


Nothing extra

In audit reports we write only about what affects your websiteโ€™s place in the search results.

Expert recommendations

We not only fix the current problems but also talk about what and how to change.

Thought-out strategy

We prioritize and propose a work plan that will help your website to achieve its promotion goal.


We participate in the Google Partners program

#4 digital marketing agency in Eastern Europe

#1 SEO company in Eastern Europe

Top 3 developers of online stores in Eastern Europe

Top 10 web studios in Eastern Europe

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