Directory website development

We develop catalog sites to attract the target audience. Online directories are an excellent way to demonstrate a product or service to a maximum number of potential customers. We follow current trends and take into account that the website will grow in the future.

An online catalog allows your client to receive many offers fast and make a choice in one place. Our task is to fulfill his expectations and highlight the best values of your product:

  • high-quality images — for the right visual assessment
  • characteristics, features, conditions — to collect «technical» information
  • easy search for essential positions — to save time
  • ease of comparison — for a reasonable choice
  • visible β€œbuttons” communication and order — for quick clarification of details and a simple application
We develop and maintain sites
on different frameworks and CMS
What does the creation of a catalog website by Webernetic include
Evaluate the task
  • We examine your product, competitors and the market. We are searching for the best option; mix current trends and proven solutions; we select the optimal "engine".
We perform a result
  • We develop the structure of the catalog site from scratch. We provide the ability to download images of the right size and quality, templates for creating descriptions, and connect the source to functional software.
We test
  • We analyze the performance and efficiency, search engine behavioral algorithm, and user reaction to a new website showcase.
We accompany you through the process
  • We consult, supply with additional information, make improvements, make changes following customer requests if necessary.
What you will get If you order a website – catalog at Webernetic

A website-catalog demonstrates your product or service showcase clearly and visibly. It’s a useful tool that makes it possible to show the maximum with relatively small investments in development and content.

Convenient in using admin panel – easy to add new products, make changes to
descriptions, etc.

The flexible structure makes it easy to expand or eliminate the product range and implement trendy changes without much effort.

Webernetic consultants will offer assistance and quick problem-solving.

Initial optimization - to increase the loyalty of search engines and get more traffic.

Analytic section - to evaluate website performance and develop improvements based on current data.

Reporting to have the project tweaking.

Our cases

Elite kitchens

From German manufacturers

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A task. Conduct an audit of competitors, develop a modern website, propose a SEO-promotion strategy for the year, and bring it to the top in Yandex and Google.

In 2019, the site entered the TOP 10 best sites in the category "Furniture and Interior"


of keywords in TOP 3


32% of keywords in TOP 10

Manufacturer of glass products

Mirrors, glass products and glass furniture

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It all started in 2013. During the work with the client, we managed to work in completely different directions.

Recent work: we analyzed commercial factors on competitors' websites and proposed a solution for improving the website usability. The story continues: we work with a client in SEO promotion.


of keywords in TOP 10


of keywords in the Top 3

Development of the website for California Vein & Wound Center (Napa)

Website development for a medical center for the treatment of varicose veins in California.

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A task. The creation of a new website that would correspond to new trends in design, would be as user-friendly as possible and would be adapted for SEO-promotion.

Initially, a client came to us with the task of promoting an existing website. However, the existing client’s website turned out to be so ancient that one of its appearance caused shock and bewilderment: the design of the site corresponded to the trends of about 2000.


We participate in the Google Partners program

#4 digital marketing agency in Eastern Europe

#1 SEO company in Eastern Europe

Top 3 developers of online stores in Eastern Europe

Top 10 web studios in Eastern Europe

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