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If you decide to create an online store, you already know the goals of your business and what you are going to sell.
When developing an online store in Minsk, special attention should be paid to elaborating on the structure of the product catalog, especially cards. A detailed description of the product, its characteristics, and professional photos should be placed on the product card. The website visitor can easily find any product he wants, and buying online becomes a pleasant experience.

We develop and maintain sites on
different frameworks and CMS
When ordering a turnkey online store we:

We figure out a strategy and create design:
We design a logical structure of the site so that the client can simply navigate through it and place orders. The designer creates pages for all sections, layouts for mobile resolution.

We work out all the necessary functionality:
Minimum: catalog with filter; product cards; basket; checkout pages; user registration form; online payment systems, discount accounting; feedback module; integration with CRM.
Maximum - all your ideas, wishes, special requirements of the project. We do not limit you to strict implementation options.

Stages and terms of the development of an online store:
Analysis and Strategy
  • We will find out your goals, business objectives, expectations. We study the niche, the characteristics of the industry and the target audience. We take into account the advantages, disadvantages of competitors, and the solutions to your subject's external sites.
Preparation step
  • We lay the foundation for development: we determine the site's structure according to the semantic core. We clarify the list of essential and additional functions, take them into account in the cost of creating an online store. We create a visual prototype, write a technical task – and the client confirms.
  • Together we choose the style and colors. The designer creates layouts of pages, opening windows, modules, if any, of other blocks. We discuss with the client and we approve the final version.
  • We create layout pages in accordance with the layouts. We make adaptive layout for mobile phones and tablet devices.
  • Programming external and internal units. We implement a control panel in which you can easily change the content. We place the online store on the hosting, bind the domain, carry out all the necessary work before launch.
Filling and testing
  • We fill the site with texts and images. We fill in the product cards. In the final, we test the online store for errors.
  • The site is ready to launch advertising campaigns and promotion
  • term ~ 2 months
  • price from 4000 BYN

Our cases

Online store of sweets

"Delicious" website

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A task. Anywhere on the site in 5 seconds - the principle that guided us while working on this project.

It was decided to sketch sweet things on the main page, the price list and contacts were placed in a header so that you could make an order as simply and quickly as possible.


categories on the site


products on the site

Online store of designer items

A guide to a unique design in the world of big brands and trends

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A task. Create an online store of designer items. Set up promotion.

From the very beginning of the project, we adhered to minimalism in design. This principle was followed when working with all elements of the site: product card, sliders, banners for page headers. All details of the drawn blocks have been agreed with the client.

Balloon design studio

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Our team had a task: to redesign the website of the balloon studio.

The site should convey a festive mood, be comfortable for use and the user.


Volchonok A.A.

I would like to especially note the approach of specialists to communicate with a client. They always adjust to our business processes, show their initiative. They "hear" and correctly interpret each task, give prompt answers, help, and advice on all issues.

Kolesnik E.S.

Thanks to competent recommendations and professionalism of the specialists of this company, excellent quality indicators were achieved.

Hudoj A.A.

Thanks to the competent and efficient work of the SEO promotion departments, a new website was created, and our company quickly took excellent positions in search engines.

Puchok V.V.

We express our sincere gratitude to the company "Webernetic" for the analysis of the current state of the site and the development of a strategy for the development of this site in the areas of activity.

Zhukov D.U.

On behalf of the management, I express my sincere words of gratitude to the specialists of Webernetic LLC for the promotion and optimization of our website.

Boltushkin V.N.

We express our gratitude to the Webernetic company for professional and high-quality work of promoting websites.

Fareitorov E.

We would like to express our deep gratitude to the Webernetic team for an individual and structured approach to clients, as well as high performance.

Turovets E.V.

We express our gratitude to the Webernetic LLC for the creation of a new version of the website and its further promotion for 5 years already.

Kuhtin A.V.

We express our gratitude to the company LLC "Webernetic" for the professional approach to cooperation and the provision of quality services (creation of a new version of the website and its further promotion).

Kravtsov A.O.

LLC "Stekolsky" expresses its sincere gratitude to the company "Webernetic" for the useful cooperation for the past 6 years.

Shagovaleev B.K.

We would like to thank the Webernetic specialists for their professionalism, optimization of the structure of our website, competent consultations on content, the initiative in solving tasks, and also a prompt response to requests.

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