PPC and SMM for
an expensive toy brand

  • Website theme: Online doll store
  • Goals:
    1. To increase brand awareness of the Llorens doll brand and the Miss Minis collection in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.
    2. To promote regional distributors on Ozon and Wildberries by launching search campaigns on Google and Yandex.
  • Beginning of the Project: December 2020
The Story of the Project:

The client is a Spanish doll brand Llorens. A special aspect of this brand is a high price segment: the price of one doll runs to 500 dollars. Llorens came to us on the New Year holiday season; the client needed to increase brand awareness and also awareness of Miss Minis collection in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Furthermore, the client wanted to increase sales on Wildberries and Ozon marketplaces. Now he turns to us seasonally; he launches ad campaigns before holidays to ensure that people buy dolls as a gift.

Ad Formats That We’ve Used:
Banners in Google Display Network

For the targeting of display creatives, we’ve created specialized audiences:

  • by intentions based on users’ behavior, their search history on mllorens.es, mllorens.ru, and Russian competitors’ websites;
  • by long-term interests: whether one or another topic is interesting for website users. In «products for children» and «dolls» topics we’ve developed custom banners for dolls collections.
banner-w banner-sm
To encourage people to visit the Ozon and Wildberries marketplaces we launched brand queries on Google and Yandex search campaigns

For that campaigns, we’ve collected and worked on semantics that relates to the Llorens brand.

Banners on Yandex Search
banner-1 banner-2banner-3
Video Ad Campaigns on Youtube

We’ve selected more than 3000 children’s channels for the video ad. Also, we recorded a song and edited a video, which were used for the promotion of the Miss Minis collection. Thus, we launched an ad campaign using 4 «Llorens dolls» image videos; users watched them in a certain order.

page-1 page-2
Graphic and video creatives on Instagram

For the display ad targeting on Instagram, we selected the audiences by socio-demographic profile: sex, age, educational background, region, social status, etc. Also, we improved video creatives for Instagram.

Apart from ad launching, we translated the Spanish website version and advertising videos into Russian language.

The Results:
4,5 million

people — video
ad reach


the price
for one view




Video ad reach has succeeded 4 500 000 people from the target audience; view conversion was 60%, and 20% of users have watched the whole video. The price for one view was only 0,0002 dollars.

We’ve attracted more than 3000 potential customers to marketplaces. Conversion into the purchase was 3,5%; 90 dolls were sold after a month of ad campaigns.


We’ve achieved users’ interest: while running ad campaigns the requests number of Miss Minis dolls has increased 7,5 times.