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The corporate website is the «Internet face» of the company and contains all essential information about business. A good website is a way to increase customer loyalty, attract new target audience. Therefore, the pages’ presence is essential: about the company, products, or services, examples of work, reviews, contacts.

When ordering a corporate website, you choose its complexity and content, depending on your tasks. It can only be a representation of your company or a data transformation and storage system.

Reasons to order a corporate website at Webernetic:

We have experience in developing sites in 17 business areas.

The minimum development period is 2.5 months.

A team of internal specialists: programmer, designer, project manager.

You do not need to seek help in online promotion.

Stages of corporate website development
We collect information about your project
  • We get acquainted with the tasks of the client. We examine what has already been offered on the market, which solutions are the best. We compose the SEO-structure and content of the menu.
Design creation
  • We create prototypes. Using them, we create the design of pages, blocks, modules
We encode
  • Layout for the desktop and mobile version. We connect CMS, and we develop the functionality that is needed.
Create content and fill in information
  • We fill the pages with content, test the functionality and run.

Our cases


A team of specialists who are approached with difficult dental cases

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Task. Develop a new website for dentistry. The purpose of the site is to attract new customers and maintain loyalty to existing ones.

Structure, design and beautiful teeth! Close communication with the customer has resulted in a cool product.

Elite kitchens

From German manufacturers

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A task. Conduct an audit of competitors, develop a modern website, propose a SEO-promotion strategy for the year, and bring it to the top in Yandex and Google.

In 2019, the site entered the TOP 10 best sites in the category "Furniture and Interior"


of keywords in TOP 3


32% of keywords in TOP 10


Business solution

In choosing a work plan, we build on the needs of your unique project.

Turnkey website

You come with a task and get a solution that is ready to go. And work!

Collaboration Options

We perform Internet marketing tools to promote your resource.


Volchonok A.A.

I would like to especially note the approach of specialists to communicate with a client. They always adjust to our business processes, show their initiative. They "hear" and correctly interpret each task, give prompt answers, help, and advice on all issues.

Kolesnik E.S.

Thanks to competent recommendations and professionalism of the specialists of this company, excellent quality indicators were achieved.

Hudoj A.A.

Thanks to the competent and efficient work of the SEO promotion departments, a new website was created, and our company quickly took excellent positions in search engines.

Puchok V.V.

We express our sincere gratitude to the company "Webernetic" for the analysis of the current state of the site and the development of a strategy for the development of this site in the areas of activity.

Zhukov D.U.

On behalf of the management, I express my sincere words of gratitude to the specialists of Webernetic LLC for the promotion and optimization of our website.

Boltushkin V.N.

We express our gratitude to the Webernetic company for professional and high-quality work of promoting websites.

Fareitorov E.

We would like to express our deep gratitude to the Webernetic team for an individual and structured approach to clients, as well as high performance.

Turovets E.V.

We express our gratitude to the Webernetic LLC for the creation of a new version of the website and its further promotion for 5 years already.

Kuhtin A.V.

We express our gratitude to the company LLC "Webernetic" for the professional approach to cooperation and the provision of quality services (creation of a new version of the website and its further promotion).

Kravtsov A.O.

LLC "Stekolsky" expresses its sincere gratitude to the company "Webernetic" for the useful cooperation for the past 6 years.

Shagovaleev B.K.

We would like to thank the Webernetic specialists for their professionalism, optimization of the structure of our website, competent consultations on content, the initiative in solving tasks, and also a prompt response to requests.

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