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Website promotion in the USA online market

Many domestic companies need to promote websites in the United States among the English-and Russian-speaking audience. It is essential for entering the international market. The optimization of web pages for the global market is specific. Not only due to the foreign language but also to the particular algorithms of search engines. To achieve success, it’s essential to assign the creation and promotion of web-resources to professionals with confident experience.

Our company promotes sites in Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo search engines, YouTube platform, and Amazon. Working on a project, we always complete every task, achieve a significant result, and your business is actively growing.


This type of promotion is very specific

High level of competition in contextual advertisement and SEO

High price for links and content

Specific search engine optimization methods different from Belarusian or Russian

Language features (in different English-speaking countries)

Our working process is well structured. So when promoting sites for Western audience, we take into account all factors. We regularly update the content and analyze visitors' behavior to get high attendance at the site and achieve positive promotion dynamics. After completing the analysis of competitors' advantages, the strategy of SEO resource promotion is developed and approved.

Complex approach
The key to success in promoting a website in the western regions is developing a strategy that is built based on a careful niche analysis:
  • High frequency, medium frequency, low frequency queries target a specific audience
  • Age, social status, direct and indirect competitors
  • Direct and indirect competitors
  • We also define a particular region for promotion
  • We analyze traffic sources of existing competitors: social media, organic research transitions, direct visits, clicks on links
It is essential to understand that the final budget is calculated personally and largely depends on the type of site and its thematic focus. We analyze:
  • design
  • navigability
  • structure
  • content value and usefulness
  • distribution of blocks
  • backlink environment
Promoting a website on Google we expect the majority of visitors from the USA and Europe. Therefore, we thoroughly work out the following issues.
  • mid-frequency and low-frequency queries
  • Robots.txt
  • Sitemap.xml
  • design of Page 404
  • internal linking
  • download speed on mobile devices and desktop
  • micro-marking
  • encoding
  • distribution of requests on relevant pages

SEO-specialists make a technical audit of a web resource and correct the identified errors. The demand for a particular product or service is analyzed, key collection is performed using and Google Keyword Planner.

Specific attention is paid to the value and relevance of the content. Spamming leads to the Google Panda filter, which entails significant difficulties. Therefore, it is necessary to adhere to the optimal ratio of keywords.

Our cases


Music venue in the UK and Europe

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A task. Growth of traffic, increase in the number of users of the site of different roles (listener "viewer", performer "artists" and producer "production").

The difficulty was that at the top there are large giant websites, such as,, with which you will have to compete.


Elite kitchens from German manufacturers in Belarus

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A task. Conduct an audit of competitors, develop a modern website, propose a SEO-promotion strategy for the year, and bring it to the top in Yandex and Google.

In 2019, the site entered the TOP-10 best sites in the Runet rating in the Furniture and Interior category


of keywords in TOP 3


32% of keywords in TOP 10

California Vein & Wound Center (Napa)

Medical Center for the Treatment of Varicose Veins in California, which includes 5 clinics.

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A client came to us with the task of promoting the existing website and, as a result of successful promotion, attract new customers. The region of promotion is California (USA), in this state, there are 5 clinics of the medical center.

We had a lot of work to do, which we started with the Semantic Core (SC).


Finalist of the competition for the best sites 2019 in the category "Furniture and Interior"

17th place in the rating of web-studios 2019

4th place in the ranking of SEO companies in 2019. Region: Belarus

3rd place in the 2019 ranking of companies engaged in development and promotion. Region: Belarus

9th place in the ranking of SEO companies in 2019

6th place in the ranking of seo companies in 2018. Region: Belarus

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