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Get leading search positions and increase the reach of users with the site promotion SEO service. Optimizing and creating value for both the consumer and the search engine, we bring your project to the TOP in targeted search engines. Based on a full semantic core of your site, the right SEO increases traffic, allowing you to decrease the cost of promotion. With the growth of positions and increasing brand awareness, audience size is expanding. Get a profitable optimized website! Website that will make a profit.

Implementing search engine optimization to your website you invest in the future of your business
1 stage
  • Based on the industry and the niche analysis, we develop a promotion strategy for your business or make improvements in the existing one.
  • We analyze your competitors.
  • We correct the website structure according to the search requests (with zero demand) based on the assembled semantic core.
2 stage
  • We send the requirements specification to the web developers and fix errors that may interfere with the website search engine promotion.
  • We write meta tags.
  • We publish content effective for promotion.
  • We register the site in the directories of Yandex and Google.
3 stage
  • We develop a referral link strategy, create incoming links, collect a donor base and increase the member pages.
  • Configure webpage crosslinking.
  • We test usability, work on the visual content of the site.
4 stage
  • We conduct an audit of commercial factors.
  • We assess the performance after each stage.
  • We provide a report on the work performed.

Our cases


Elite kitchens from German manufacturers in Belarus

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A task. Conduct an audit of competitors, develop a modern website, propose a SEO-promotion strategy for the year, and bring it to the top in Yandex and Google.

In 2019, the site entered the TOP-10 best sites in the Runet rating in the Furniture and Interior category


of keywords in TOP 3


32% of keywords in TOP 10

Сase study

LLC "Plant of greenhouses Garant" Plant-manufacturer of greenhouses No. 1. The Garant plant is a modern production facility with an area of over 3000 m2.

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A task. To develop an online store selling greenhouses for retail clients. Build brand awareness.


of keywords in TOP 3


of keywords in TOP 10


Full information security

All the data provided to us is not available not only to third parties, but also to ordinary employees of the company who are not involved in the project.

Providing with ongoing reporting

We prepare reports after each stage of the website's promotion to the top. Clear reporting helps to maintain a trusting relationship with our clients.

Exclusion of all technical errors

You will get an improved resource by promotion your website to the top of search engines.

SEO is different from other promotion tools

We deliver long-term results. Website promotion in search engines has a long-term effect.

Users trust. Users tend to trust information from organic search and advertising rather than paid search. This way you’ll get more trust from website users.

Low cost for a new customer. The cost of attracting the first visitor decreases with an increase in the number of visits.

Complex website improvement. Error correction contribute to effective promotion.

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