Website development for a women's lingerie store

About company

Lovelace is a well-known Belarusian brand of high-quality lingerie that helps women to achieve healthy self-esteem and self-love. The main idea of the brand is to take care of oneself and love oneself as you are.


  • Selecting a suitable CMS 
  • Layout of the design 
  • Programming website functionality 
  • Developing a personal account 
  • Launching the online store 


  • Project manager
  • Frontend, backend developers
  • Tester


  • Frontend: html, css, js
  • Backend: php, Mysql, OpenCart

Work stages

The client provided us with a ready-made design. Our frontend developer created a responsive cross-browser layout.

It was decided to develop the website on CMS OpenCart, as it is perfect for small online stores.

We developed a convenient personal account for users, where their personal information and order history are stored.

Four API integrations were implemented in the project:
  • with the trade management and inventory management service - MySklad
  • with the CRM system RetailCRM
  • with the SMS distribution service - RocketSMS
  • with the online payment acceptance service Bepaid


We successfully launched the project and received our first orders. As a result, the client received a new full-fledged sales channel. After the website launch, we carried out various improvements with the client to scale the functionality and expand the site's marketing strategy.

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