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improvement of the site's performance — positions, traffic, link profile

May, 2020

Improve it!
Improve it!
Improve it!

The client was an online pet store. The store owners contacted us after the promotion campaign conducted by another agency left them dissatisfied with the approach and results of the work. The main problem was the incapability to overtake competitors in terms of positions and traffic in the shortest possible time.

We began our work with the compilation of the semantic core and the revision of the site's structure. Special attention was paid to low-frequency requests. They are the most conversion-oriented ones in the pet store subject since people often search for specific feeds: either by their brand and purpose, or by the full name of the product. In total, we collected 3,945 keywords, which were further developed and tracked in Google and Yandex.

After that, we divided the requests by their subjects and created additional pages that fully met requests of users. For example: previously, all requests related to dog food — both Premium dog food and Dry dog food — led to the same page. We created different pages for them, prepared the text, optimized the tags, and as a result the website appeared in the top 3 search results.

We significantly expanded the structure of the site and suggested creating new sections: veterinary medicines, feed selectors, etc. Both the sites of the leading competitors were taken as a basis. We used their best developments to improve the website:


Later we prepared the title and description meta tags for existing and new pages, based on the collected semantics. We set the tag templates that were automatically added when a new page was created. We developed tasks for copywriters and wrote texts for the promoted sections and subsections.

Our team conducted a technical audit of the site. Based on the audit, we prepared terms of reference for the programmer to correct errors. The results achieved:


The removal of garbage pages with filters and sorting from the index of Google and Yandex. They slowed down the scanning of the site and hindered the position growth since their content completely duplicated the one of the promoted pages.


The specification of the main canonical URLs for the pagination pages, so that they did not interfere with each other in the search results. For example, we worked with the section Dry dog food. It had several product pages. It was important that the 1st page with all the novelties ranked higher than the 8th one.


The removal of links with 301 redirect which worsened the indexing of new pages, slowed down the position growth.


The fixing of errors in the micro-markup. The markup helps search engine robots to understand what is displayed on the page. Due to this, the site will have an extended attractive snippet: with links to popular pages, prices, and other useful information.


The fixing of layout errors that spoiled the appearance and hindered the performance of the site elements. Sometimes users couldn't get to the buttons, see the text since they were overlapped, for example, by a chat icon, a block from another section, etc.


The modification of the site structure: our employees made the navigation easier to grasp. The links to all important sections became available from the main menu.


The optimization of the images. Our specialists reduced the weight, which improved the loading speed of the site, and added the alt attribute, which displays a text description of the image if it's not loaded.


Then we analyzed the link profile of the site, determined the platforms where competitors receive links, selected the most high-quality ones, and developed the strategy for building up by months for half a year.

Our team conducted a usability audit and prepared the terms of reference for adjustments, namely: the improvement of product cards, filters, and promoted categories. We developed the terms of reference to complete the shopping cart and product cards in the mobile version of the site, so that it would be more convenient to buy from a smartphone.

We improved the design of the new sections Reviews and Articles. Our specialists also collected information requests and made a content plan for writing articles, which helped to attract additional traffic to the site and consolidate positions on commercial requests.

We analyzed requests all over the country and created pages for the cities where the company had opened its stores in order to get positions not only in the capital, but also in other regions. We implemented the feature that allows you to view the product range of a particular store and select the desired city for the delivery of goods.


Results of the project promotion

Results of the project promotion

At the beginning of the promotion campaign, we predicted a certain pattern of growth, based on the number of requests in the top 10 and top 30 search engine results. Eventually, we fulfilled it and even exceeded it, since we initially predicted 16% of requests in the top 10 and 35% in the top 30 in Google, and it turned out 34% and 51%, respectively. We did not lose money also with Yandex: we brought 41% of requests to the top 10.

Month of activities

The final growth of the average position in Yandex


The final growth of the average position in Google


Traffic growth on the site for 7 months

Month of activities
Traffic channel
11 942
7 892
7 903
13 041
7 786
6 387
21 249
12 000
9 358

As a result of the promotion of the project, a positive dynamics of the growth of positions and traffic to the site is noticeable. Thanks to this, the number of orders has increased.


For further growth of indicators, we recommended

To continue developing the blog.
To prepare content for articles every month, without forgetting about relinking to the promoted sections of the site, product cards.
To expand the catalogue.
The number of items in the catalogue affects the promotion: the more products, the faster the result will be achieved.
To continue building up the link mass according to the link-building plan.
To improve the usability of the project.
It is necessary to monitor improvements on competitors ' websites and implement them into ours in a timely manner.

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