Configuring Consent Mode v.2

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Our experts spent more than 100 hours studying the updated rules, communicating with representatives of Google and CMP-platforms to save your time on setting up the new technology.

New EU rules require websites to obtain explicit consent from users to collect cookies.

GDPR is the law on the protection of personal data. The law has recently been updated and here is what has changed globally::

1 You can't collect all data for users, even in an anonymized format, without their consent.

2 The user must give his consent explicitly. I.e., if the client does not click anything, it means he has refused.

3 The user should be able to change their choice at any time.

Consent Mode v.2

It's a technology from Google that allows you to comply with the new rules, but not at the expense of your analytics data.

Consent Mode v.2 works according to the following principle:
β€” If the user has consented to data collection , the analytics counters will operate as normal.
β€” If the user disagreed or ignored the banner, behavioral data will not be available. And this is where Google's update comes into play - modeling. The system will use information about similar users who have consented to cookie collection to complete the missing information for non-consenting users.

What the new cookies look like

Who absolutely needs to set new cookies?

For all sites that are available in the EU and selected US states.

Failure to comply with the rules could result in fines from the EU and sanctions from Google itself:

β€” Fines could be as high as 4% of a company's annual global turnover or up to €20 million , whichever is greater.

β€” Google will disable the ability to customize remarketing, and by the end of 2024, even conversion data will be unavailable .

Basic setup includes 2 steps - installing the CMP platform on the site and setting up GA4 or other counters
Customizing the CMP platform
  • CMP-platform is essentially a banner that is installed on the site and contains a description of all files. It transmits data to analytics about users' consent or non-consent to data collection.
  • For clients we offer a discount of up to 10% on our proven CMP-platform. It complies with all legal regulations, works correctly on the site.
Adjusting descriptions and categories of unclassified cookies
  • We create user-friendly descriptions for collected cookies. This increases trust and they are more likely to agree to data collection.
  • We categorize unclassified cookies and add information about them.
Configuring regional rules
  • If necessary, we customize regional rules. That is, we analyze the region of traffic on your site and then adapt the banner for each country.
Customizing GA4
  • We customize the operation of GA4 counters depending on the signals transmitted by the CMP-platform - whether the user has agreed or not, what files he/she has refused to collect.
Configuring rules for activation of additional counters
  • For sites with additional counters - Yandex.Metrics, Social Media Pixels, etc., customize data transfer for them as well, depending on the users' choice.
Customizing an additional language version
  • For each language version of the website, we adapt the pop-up window and translate the cookie descriptions.

Setting up a CMP platform alone is not enough, because not all the data will go into analytics and cannot be trusted.

How much does it cost to set up Consent Mode v.2?

Less than even the minimum penalty. The cost depends on the number of language versions of the site, counters and your needs. We can install both template and fully customized solution for you.

Why choose Webernetic to customize Consent Mode v.2:

βœ“ Fast integration process - have installed the new technology on more than a dozen sites, so we know the main nuances of configuration.

βœ“ 12 years promoting websites, so think ahead - keep getting the necessary data in analytics, not just install a banner to comply with legislation.

βœ“ Get up-to-date information about Consent Mode v.2 directly from Google and CMP platform representatives.

βœ“ Help you solve any questions you may have.

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