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Helping projects go viral through the power of social networks and opinion leaders

6 years of bringing crypto projects to the top with Influencer Marketing

  • β€” During this time we have gathered a base of more than 1500 crypto-influencers.
  • β€” We work with the most popular platforms — Instagram, Twitch, Youtube, TikTok, Facebook, Telegram, Steemit, Reddit ΠΈ Discord.
  • β€” Our clients increase their revenue 5 times or more.

When you work with a crypto influencer marketing agency, you get a number of advantages in the market:


Access to proven crypto influencers

  • Our agency offers access to an extensive network of influential crypto influencers, each carefully selected based on reputation, audience, and ability to influence the market. Each partner has been internally verified.

Personalized marketing strategies

  • We develop individual promotion strategies and scenarios. It is based on the specifics of your project and goals. Analyzing the target audience allows us to create campaigns that not only attract attention, but also motivate to target action.

Deep understanding of the cryptocurrency market

  • Our agency specializes in cryptocurrency marketing. This allows us to deeply understand current trends, innovations and market opportunities.

Effective monitoring and analytics

  • Regular reporting and analyzing the results obtained is the main principle of the team in order to create strategies that work.

Crypto influencer platforms can provide a lot of contacts, but a crypto influencer marketing agency will understand your project better and prepare a specific plan, which will benefit you more in the end.

By choosing us, you are investing not just in your promotion, but in a partnership. The goal of which is the growth and development of your project.

Crypto influencer marketing can help solve the following challenges:

βœ“ Increase visibility of token listings

Influencers can help create excitement around a token before it goes to market. This anticipation often leads to increased trading volume and price support once the token is released to the market.

βœ“ Attract investors

Influencers can play a crucial role during funding rounds (e.g. ICO or IEO). They emphasize the promising nature of the project and the project attracts the attention of investors.

βœ“ Promotion of new projects

A wide audience reach is important for new projects. Influencers can help with this and do reviews, talk about projects. This is how an entire project community is created.

βœ“ Brand reactivation

Collaboration with Influencers can also be useful for projects that want to change their direction or branding. Influencers can spread the word about changes on the project and help keep the audience loyal. In addition, they will also attract new users.


How we will promote your project:

Selection of Influencers
We select Influencers that fit your brand, analyze their audience (from 5K to 3M subscribers), interaction level (average ER from 2.5%) and previous campaigns. All to ensure maximum ROI from your advertising investment.

Campaign strategy
We develop a customized promotion strategy. We identify the key messages that should resonate with your target audience and choose the platforms (Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) to distribute the content. Here we also rely on the audience of your brand.

Campaign management
We take care of the whole campaign management cycle - from content development (posts, videos, articles) to publishing and monitoring. Campaigns are launched within strictly agreed timeframes, and each Influencer receives a clear plan or script and publication calendar.

Analytics and reporting
After the launch of advertising, we prepare a detailed report describing the main results - reach (how many times the content was shown), engagement (the percentage of the audience that interacted with the content), taking a targeted action, and calculating ROI.

The principle work of our cryptocurrency influencer agency - first we dive into your tasks and goals, offer a solution and only then proceed to implementation. Our goal is to give you visible results in the business indicators that are important to you.

Why choose our crypto influencer agency:

βœ“ Experience

6 years in cryptocurrency promotion, adapting industry trends for your project and creating strategies that solve your challenges.

βœ“ Transparency and flexibility

We do everything on time and within approved terms and conditions. Your trust and needs are our priority.

βœ“ Proven effectiveness

Our campaigns increase reach, engagement and ROI.

βœ“ Customized approach

We create strategies for each client based on in-depth analysis of market trends and user behavior.

βœ“ Analytics

Analyze results and optimize strategies to maximize the return on your budget.

βœ“ Strategic partnerships

You will get access to the leaders of crypto influencers and they will help to make your project known.

Give your project maximum visibility and effectiveness. Order advertising from leading crypto influencers and attract investments and sales systematically and regularly.
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