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ASO in Webernetic: Optimize your app for maximum visibility and downloads

ASO (App Store Optimization) is a strategy to enhance the discoverability of your mobile app on app stores like the App Store and Google Play. It involves optimizing the app's title, description, keywords, images, and managing user reviews. The primary objective of ASO is to attract more targeted users and increase app downloads.

ASO addresses key challenges in online business

βœ“ Boosts installation conversions

For instance, if you advertise your app with bloggers but fail to optimize the landing page, you may receive a high number of clicks but minimal installs. This occurs because there's nothing compelling users to take action.

βœ“ Enhances organic traffic

Improving app visibility results in it appearing in thematic categories, which, in turn, attracts free users.

Why choose ASO?

Application optimization offers two significant advantages:

βœ“ Sustainable traffic

Paid advertising demands continuous investment to acquire users. ASO, on the other hand, generates long-term organic traffic that continues to attract users even after the optimization process is concluded.

βœ“ Targeted audience

ASO draws in users who have a genuine interest in your app's subject matter. This means you'll have a relevant audience rather than random clicks from advertisements.

How we increase ROI with ASO
Keyword research
  • Analyze keywords that match your niche. Optimize metadata (title, description, keywords).
Optimize images and videos
  • A designer is assigned to the project. We develop attractive and informative screenshots, icons and videos.
Working with reviews
  • Rating is one of the ranking factors. That's why we monitor the volume of positive reviews, react and work on negative ones.
Competitor monitoring
  • We analyze competitors' app activity. We adapt our ASO strategy according to changes in the market.

We optimize apps on a number of platforms: App Store, Google Play, Huawei AppGallery, Amazon Store. They are among the top 10 popular stores worldwide.

A visual example of how ASO works

ASO comes with its own nuances

For instance, Google offers a dedicated service called Google Play Console for app management, whereas the App Store necessitates manual data collection and tracking. Meeting specific criteria is essential to avoid having your project blacklisted by the platform. Achieving successful results requires an experienced team well-versed in these requirements.

At Webernetic, we possess the experience and knowledge required for the task.

We guarantee a unique level of personalized service by capping our client base, prioritizing individualized solutions. Your success stands as our ultimate yardstick of accomplishment, and we're committed to going above and beyond to make it happen.

We take a comprehensive approach to every project. We implement ASO and other marketing strategies. If you have a website, we can assist with advertising, social media, and SEO. Our objective is to optimize your app's visibility, and to achieve this, we leverage a range of tools. Place your trust in us, and we'll ensure your app stands out from the competition, attracting more users.

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