Promotion in Telegram

Promote on Telegram

Pack channels, customize and purchase advertising.

Bring solvent traffic to your website, channel, group or chatbot.

  • β€” Proven database of channels and groups with live and active subscribers
  • β€” We work with strategies, if necessary β€” on a turnkey basis
  • β€” We have been promoting in TG since 2021, attracted >2 million users for clients
The main advantages of promotion on Telegram:

βœ“ Traffic can be driven to a channel, group, website or chatbot. It's convenient β€” you don't have to have a website or a packed channel

βœ“ Fast results β€” you will get traffic on the same day when the advertisement is launched. Bonus β€” the messenger still has low competition

βœ“ Flexible targeting β€” you can advertise even in competitors' channels. You can also choose the audience by language, interests, or vice versa β€” exclude specific topics

βœ“ Messenger has a loyal audience because the ads have a native format β€” a small text and a link if you choose TG Ads, or a promotional post if channels or groups

For whom promotion in Telegram is suitable:

1 To everyone for whom context is now expensive and targeting doesn't bring leads.

2 To everyone who is now draining budgets by buying ads on exchanges.

3 To everyone who wants to increase user reach and attract more customers.

We work with all formats of promotion in Telegram:

Telegram Ads

β€” Determine the target audience, develop a strategy
β€” Write text for ads, advise on how to improve the landing page.
β€” Launch ads
β€” Optimize to ensure you get maximum results

Advertising Telegram channel in Yandex advertising network

β€” Create, if necessary, posts for promotion
β€” Develop ads
β€” Set up targeting and other parameters
β€” Run ads
β€” Analyze performance and optimize the strategy

Native advertising and integrations with Influencers, other groups and channels

β€” Define the target audience
β€” Match the channels and bloggers to the audience profile
β€” Analyze their performance, so that it does not turn out that all subscribers - bots
β€” Contact us, discuss terms
β€” Prepare materials - posts, images, scripts
β€” Launch the collaboration and analyze the results

Creating and Maintaining a TG Channel

β€” We'll start with your project goals and research
β€” Develop a concept for the channel
β€” We will make a content plan
β€” We will prepare everything necessary - text, pictures, graphics, edit video if necessary.
β€” We will publish according to the content plan

Development and support of chatbot

β€” We will draw up TOR, develop a scheme
β€” Prepare the design of elements
β€” Program
β€” Test
β€” Run

Or we'll do a turnkey

Tell us about your challenges and we'll match you with a set of tools


Channel management and ad buying for 14+ niches

Promotional strategies that pay off. Here's why:

1. No budget limits

Although the minimum budget in TG Ads has been reduced to 1500 euros, it is still a lot for some projects. It's more profitable to work through us β€” no restrictions

2. Combining tools for maximum results

Social networks are just one of our tools. If we see that promotion on Telegram is not enough to solve your task, we will offer a complex solution

3. Checking for spoofing

78% of channels on exchanges have a non-living audience, bots. We manually check the statistics of channels and groups so that every ruble pays off and brings two, three and more

4. We deliver results in different niches

We have experience that allows us to think big and avoid template solutions. We are equally effective in attracting applications for a webinar for a tutor and subscribers to a channel about cryptocurrency

Effective strategies, measurable results β€” promote your project cost-effectively! Let's discuss your objectives right now. Fill out the form below and the rest is up to us.
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