About the client:

The elite furniture showroom designs and installs German-made kitchens, appliances, interior fittings for the kitchen, countertops, and European-made furniture. Our client has been awarded the international Red Dot Design Award for excellence in design.

In 2019 the website daskitchen.by entered the TOP-10 best websites in the category "Furniture and Interior".

August 2018. A brand which sells Italian kitchens contacted us for the development of their website. At first glance, a common task, but after a closer acquaintance, we learned what the zest of the project is.

The client changed his work profile from Italian to German kitchens. A third-party branding company did the naming and corporate identity and redesign for them. So, we have prepared to bring the website to the TOP in the search results for the requests "German kitchens".

First of all, we put together a semantic core and analyzed
competitors in the sales segment of German kitchens.
We developed the structure of the site, where:

We proposed to divide the kitchen style into modern and classic, so as not to overload the page. We placed these blocks on the main page to improve navigation.

We thought about creating separate kitchen cards in a catalog with images, price, model name, factory, material, and description.

In each project, it was decided to place as much useful information as possible: who is the designer, the name of the factory, the model, color, size, materials, delivery times, the cost of the kitchen, and a detailed story of the project.

How it looks now

We expanded the "Technique" section: added 10 product groups. On the old website, the section was in the form of links to manufacturers' pages. In each separate category were placed images of individual products so that the client could view the assortment, and, possibly, choose something for his kitchen.

In such a structure, we took into consideration the user's logic and the strengths of the TOP competitors. When the client agreed on it, prototypes of the website pages were created.

After that, we drew several website design options. The layout was done according to the approved one. Unique tags were added to each kitchen page in the catalog and project. We registered the website in catalogs

The client asked to place a photo of the manager next to the feedback form. We have added to each page not one, but different employees of the company so that the point of contact of the client becomes unique.

For the development time, a stub was placed on the site.

In parallel with the development of the new website, we have improved the weight of the old website in the search engines. So that after launching the developed website from the old addresses, carefully configure the redirect to the new domain daskitchen.by. We did this by killing 2 strategic hares at once:

  • Retained loyal customers of the old site
  • Added a plus to the SEO-karma of the new website

The most real connoisseurs of German kitchens saw the website in a modern design, which corresponds to the concept of a German kitchen studio. In a month after the launch, the new website rose 40 positions in Yandex. This speed is available only to those websites that are developed with SEO in mind.

After 3 months of promotion, the website's positions have risen: in Google by 2 times, in Yandex by 3.4 times.

P.S. We continue to work with the client to improve the website content and develop a strategy for its expansion and evolution.

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