Website development for the greenhouse manufacturer

What the client came with:

There are no requests from the landing page for the sale of greenhouses. In July 2018, a client came to us with the aim of developing an online store for the sale of greenhouses. At this point, the client only had a landing page, and the problem he faced was: a landing page is not trustworthy for clients, and therefore does not bring sales. So, our task was to create a full-fledged website that will be as simple as possible, user-friendly, and, most importantly, will bring sales.

Before the design, prototypes of the pages were drawn. In the card of each greenhouse, we have placed detailed information: dimensions of the structure, interval, and dimensions of the arc, description of the coating, metal thickness. We made sure that the user could see the price of a greenhouse with the desired characteristics in the product card. These are the length of the greenhouse, the thickness of the coating, the presence or absence of a foundation. So each user can choose and see what the price of a greenhouse is, for example, with a length of 10 m instead of 4 m.

Based on the prototypes, we have prepared design layouts for the website. And after the agreement, we made up the pages for the desktop and mobile versions, programmed them in OpenCart CMS. During development, all SEO requirements were taken into account, and the website was tested before launching.

Often, customers who are ready to buy are looking for additional information on how to choose the right greenhouse or how to grow plants in it. Therefore, together with the client, we began work on filling the website with information that might be interesting for the user. The client prepared a video with reviews about the production of greenhouses, their installation, which we posted in the «Useful Videos» block. We also opened a section with an article for a summer resident.

Summing up:

Since we launched the website, which took into account the necessary SEO requirements, it quickly climbed in the search results. For the first three months of promotion, the average website’s position was:

in Yandex SERPs went up 5 times.

in Google SERPs went up 3 times.

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