Website development for the dental clinic

About the customer:

An advanced dental clinic with a team of professional specialists. Highly appreciated by patients with severe dental cases.

The goal of the project:

To develop a new website for Yniclinic dentistry company. The main objective of the site is to attract new customers and get the loyalty of the existing ones.

Getting to work

Before starting the workflow, SEO specialists have analyzed the online market of dental clinics in the city. We collected the key queries that users enter in the search, evaluated the strategies that competitors use to promote their websites.

We actively communicated with the customer after and during the audit. There were no geographical barriers for us: we met with a client on Skype and went to the client’s city for a personal meeting. And it led to great results!
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Effective structure, modern design and beautiful teeth!

We have created a convenient structure of the site, considering the current needs of the client. Based on it, we built prototypes for 23 pages of the site and coordinated it with the client.

We have discussed with the customer his vision of the site design. We have chosen colours and stylistics reflecting the new decoration of Yuniclinic dentistry offices.

To inspire the users’ confidence, we suggested focusing on real pictures of the clinic, successful cases, and doctors.

To prove competence, we have created pages with detailed information about the team, services, and a feedback page.

We created a code, filled the site with useful content

We’ve created design models and connected the CMS WordPress. Filled 129 sections and service subsections with texts, images, pictures suitable for a certain type of service.
We agreed with the client on the quality of the content. Dental treatment and surgery are a niche with a high level of responsibility: we corrected all possible inaccuracies in the service descriptions.

Development results

As our project manager says: Β«Thanks to the close communication with the customer, a cool product has been createdΒ». Project Yuniclinic is exactly the case. As a result, the client got a user-friendly website with a simple structure, a large detailed section describing all services of the clinic and a concise design. We have made a valuable site for the client. But we wanted more!

We continued our work

In October 2019, Webernetic and Yuniclinik moved to the stage of online promotion.

The seo specialists carried out a technical audit of the site, analyzed the market of dental services. And suggested an effective promotion strategy.

We registered the company in directories and promoted with a group of narrow queries.

Step by step, we completed tasks necessary for promotion. This way, more and more potential clients became acquainted with the site.

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