Quick website’s withdrawal from Baden-Baden filter

Topic: sale and installation of ventilation facades
Filter was founded: August 11
Recovered positions: September 23
Duration: 1 month 2 weeks

The beginning of the story:

A project with re-optimized texts, frequent occurrence of keywords, and with the word «buy» in each paragraph came to the promotion. I didn’t have to wait long — the website was filtered.

It all started on Friday, but not on the 13th. We received a message from the Webmaster about a critical error: «Security problems».

It’s interesting, despite the mistake, positions in Yandex have grown. This did not deceive us: we immediately began work on removing from the filter. On Monday, the positions collapsed and the website fell completely out of the TOP 10.

What was done

Checking texts

We checked all the texts on the website, re-read, checked with the use of the Turgenev service. This service showed a high value of keyword repetitions in the text. We were shocked: how did the website not fall under the filter before?

We set a task: to change all low-quality texts on the website urgently, as well as to conduct active correspondence with Yandex support.

The client was warned that it might take at least a month to get out of the filter.

The same situation was in all the texts on the website.

Terms of reference for the creation of new texts. Checking tags.

After checking the content, we began to draw up Terms of Reference (TOR) for writing new texts. It was necessary to replace about 40 texts. You might agree that this is not a small volume, given the fact that everything needs to be changed urgently.

We analyzed the content on the competitors’ pages. Prepared Terms of Reference, in which we indicated the number of keywords, titles, thematic range. We sent it to copywriters and continued working.

All texts were divided into «packs» of 10 pieces. While the first «pack» was at work, another was being prepared, and so on. Thanks to a clear content plan, all texts were replaced quickly enough.

We also paid special attention to tags: they were completely rewritten.

Communication with Yandex: a lot and efficiently.

At the same time, we corresponded with Yandex support. They asked Yandex a question: is it possible to speed up the exit process. Yandex kept repeating that the exit from under the filter is automatic, and employees cannot influence this anyway.

As a result of long correspondence with Yandex support, all texts were corrected, tags were changed. And on September 23 we saw this picture:

Positions of the website have recovered to almost the same level.

Now we continue to monitor the recovery of traffic from the Yandex search engine. We are working on the development of the website, making changes to improve it.

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