Website development of the designer items online store

The start of the project: September 2018

The client is selling designer bags, wallets, accessories, jewelry, and clothing created by European designers from the UK, Denmark, Sweden, France, Belgium, Russia, USA, etc.

The task was to create an online-store for designer clothes and accessories. To create the promotion strategy in the search.


We agreed with the client on minimalistic design and followed this idea while working with the site elements: product cards, sliders and banners. We agreed with the client on all the details of the blocks we have created.

Making layouts and programming

We have created the site on WordPress as our client wanted and double-checked all pages of the website. We needed options that the current CMS could not provide. We still figured out how to do it and implemented all the essential size and color variations, categories, and filters described in the technical assignment.

To make the site look trendy and active, we placed unique designer photos, filled the product cards, added content to the web pages.

E-mail marketing

We had a fantastic experience working on layouts for letters. Clients of Β«7-ravensΒ» deliver many e-mail letters in the process of purchase and after. Registration, information about delivery, etc.: every message has its design, adaptive to all devices. We configured an e-mail funnel with delivery to all types of mailboxes.

Promotion: Targeted advertising and SEO optimization

We have collected an audience with certain traits – interested in luxury goods: subscriptions of local celebrities Ksenia Sobchak, Iosif Prigozhin. We set up the targeted ads and launched the campaign.

SEO specialists performed a technical SEO audit. After that, corrected all the errors on the website. They placed tags across the site to easily find products and information users are searching for.

We have created the semantic core and promoted the site on low-frequency target requests. Analyzed the reference environment, developed a plan to increase the page rank.

It’s been over two years since the Webernetic team has finished the development of the website.

We have provided technical support for an extended period of time. 7-ravens company is growing in sales and continues to actively increase its search positions.

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