Website development and promotion for the hydraulics manufacturer

Beginning of works: 05.03.2018
Was done: Design Layout Programming SEO-Promotion Copywriting Filling
What client came to us with

The client’s main goal was to introduce the company manufacturing and repairing hydraulic cylinders, hoses and high-pressure pipes on the internet. This is why our primary challenge was to help the client create a website that would attract potential customers.

Step one. Development of prototypes for the website pages. There's nothing complicated about the map. A lot of pages, just a little bit under the pages.

Installation of hydraulic cylinders

Dismantling Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulics diagnostics

Repair of hydrobots

Production of hydraulic cylinders

Production of cuffs for hydraulic cylinders

A catalog of hydraulic cylinders

Types of hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic cylinder diameters range

Accessories for hydraulic cylinders

The rod

Repair of hydraulic cylinders

  • MAZ
  • Tractors
  • MTZ
  • Rods
  • Body Lift
  • Telescopes
Step two. Prototyping Based on the site map, we have made and approved prototypes of all pages of the site.
Step three. Design creation At this stage, we decided on the composition of layouts, selected fonts, and colors.




Step four. Layout and programming According to the approved design, the website pages for desktop and mobile devices were created. We developed the website on Open Cart, which we previously modernized to meet the project needs.

Created 6 product cards for various types of goods. Edited the CMS admin panel. Designed filters for numerous categories, so that the client had the opportunity to make changes on the site
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