Website development for the legal services and consultations in the field of surrogacy

Objective: To create a website to demonstrate legal services to the consumer.

History: A client turned to our company to create a website for demonstrating legal services in the field of surrogacy and thematic consultations. The client’s goal is to protect the property interests of the parties, to provide psychological comfort and confidence in the implementation of programs. In the future, we helped with it.

What we did: prototyping, technical assignment, design, layout, programming, testing.

Prototyping and design: Logo and Naming. As with most of our projects, this one was also brainstorming, which resulted in the name β€œFuture Parents”. In addition to the name, a logo was invented depicting a pregnant woman — a symbol of motherhood. The colors are light, bright, sunny. We were inspired by joy and a good mood.

Design. Minimalism, clarity, simplicity are the main principles of this project. Nothing should distract the client from what he came to the website for. Light colors, lack of clutter, and a large number of animations, lightness of elements — what is needed in medical projects. To achieve this effect, we adhered to the aesthetic consistency of typography, colors, and images. The important principles are sophistication and efficiency, people come to us to get an informative answer to the question asked, so we abandoned obsessive branding.

Layout and programming: The website was implemented on WordPress, additionally we expanded the functionality by connecting plugins. According to the concept, the site had to be clear, so it was not loaded with unnecessary animations, made as simple, convenient, and laconic as possible.

Further work: The work on programming and rolling out the website is over and now SEO specialists are engaged in it.

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