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SEO promotion remains one of the most effective tools to attract customers online. A well-thought-out comprehensive optimization strategy will improve the quality of the site for users. This will contribute to the fact that search engines will raise it higher in output and, accordingly, more visitors will come to the resource. As a result, the number of conversions and sales will increase.

Who needs SEO in Spain

Statistics show that seven out of ten Spaniards prefer to order goods online. It is estimated that users make online purchases three times a month, while spending about 210 euros. And the population of Spain is 47 million. If these data are taken into account, it can be assumed that the promotion of a website or online store in this country will significantly increase the customer base and sales volume.

SEO promotion in Spain will help both foreign and local companies. The result of optimization works assumes that the website of the company will be more favorably represented in the search results compared to other businesses in the Spanish market, will meet the needs of the target audience, and over time the cost of each attracted customer will decrease.

Key moments for website promotion in Spain

To make a decent competition in the market, you will need to make a high-quality site that will fall into the TOP search results. While conducting seo-optimization, it is necessary to take into account several features of the Spanish segment:

· The main search engine is Google. This is where 95% of Spaniards search and order goods.

· Popularity of the national domain zone .es. Local people trust the resources registered in this zone. SEO capabilities are substantially expanded.

· Significant social networks are Facebook, Twitter,, Linkedin.

· Language. For large resources, it is better to choose the official Spanish language, which is also called Castilian. For a regional site you need to focus on the local language (Catalan, Galician, Basque).

What includes the service of promoting a Spanish website in Webernetic
1 stage
  • We create the widest possible semantic kernel to make the correct structure of the site and then bring the maximum number of customers to it.
2 stage
  • We conduct an audit of the site, competitors and the industry. We analyze how to refine the resource and make it the most competitive and useful. We develop a promotion strategy.
3 stage
  • We fix errors, make a technical task for programmers. We form a visual component, check usability.
4 stage
  • Fill the site. We publish unique content and prescribe tags.
5 stage
  • We relink pages using important keys in link anchors. This helps all pages of the site to index faster and hold positions in the search results.
6 stage
  • We register the site in the Google directory so that the company can be easily found through search and maps.
7 stage
  • We increase the link mass with authoritative Spanish resources. Thus, we raise the ranking of the site in Spain, which improves its ranking in the search engine for the region.
8 stage
  • We evaluate the results. We check the effectiveness of work for each stage, form a detailed report.

Our cases


Music venue in the UK and Europe

Check the case All projects

A task. Growth of traffic, increase in the number of users of the site of different roles (listener "viewer", performer "artists" and producer "production").

The difficulty was that at the top there are large giant websites, such as,, with which you will have to compete.

California Vein & Wound Center (Napa)

Medical Center for the Treatment of Varicose Veins in California, which includes 5 clinics.

Check the case All projects

A client came to us with the task of promoting the existing website and, as a result of successful promotion, attract new customers. The region of promotion is California (USA), in this state, there are 5 clinics of the medical center.

We had a lot of work to do, which we started with the Semantic Core (SC).

Our advantages:

Promotion experience in the Spanish market.

Deep dive in the customer's business.

Individual approach to each project.

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